Mobile Fleet Management

Tracking and dispatching delivery, service, and emergency crews can be a daunting task when you cannot track where they are or where they go next. Bravotechpc has a number of directed solutions that give you control over your fleet. We can implement or create software that can electronically let your teams know where to go next, who canceled, any special instructions, using either text messaging or smartphone technology.

Reduce lost time over cancellations, misdirection, and miscommunication by having everything at your driver's fingertips. Information gets to your team almost immediately, and without having to manage a phone call and hope you get through. The new address can be sent, and the driver can be given instructions almost immediately.A well maintained dispatch system can save you thousands to tens of thousands of dollars or more in lost efficiency. We can help you get that money back.

GPS Managed Technology

What if you knew where your field teams were in real time? Pull them up on a web page or application, add a new location and pick the closest one to go there? What if you had the ability to manage teams by proximity and not by chance? Using the GPS unit in every phone, or even mounted on the vehicle, you can track the movement of each of your units, and have a new location dispatched to them in the blink of an eye. Tracking your team can also include helping them avoid traffic jams and accidents, by sending routing instructions over your network.

Give your team the added advantage to help you reduce fuel and time costs.

Mobile Offices

Sales teams working on site are sometimes without a usable Internet connection, or if there is one, it is locked down, preventing them from pulling up to date resources from your systems.

We can help you take advantage of wifi connections through your cellular network, creating a secure connection back to your office. This kind of mobile connectivity allows you to keep your office presence, and more importantly keep your field teams in constant connection, no matter what the circumstances might be.

How we work

aWe meet with you to find out more about your company and they way you work. We observe present work habits and processes, or in the case of website and mobile development, we trace where and how your busines happens. Generally speaking this can take one day to a few depending on concept and scope of work.
bWe build the solution framework, the parts and systems we need to complete the task. If this is a website, we create a mock - up of ideas to help you visualize your ideas. We create the final timeline and if everything is in order, we are ready to work.
cAll of our work is driven on a "stage" basis. That means as we pass a stage, we check back with you on progress and to make sure what we have planned is coming together the way we imagined. By the end of this, the site or system is ready for final approval. Once this is done, you are running on your new system.

Getting to here is easier you might think!