Website Design

Web Design is more than just building a website. In fact, it is a careful mix of science and art. Many times a website will have wonderful effects, designs and look beautiful, with no substance, no idea how to get around, no ability to do anything productive. On the other hand, we have all seen the basic website that gives you what you need, but no reason to stay.

Bravotechpc looks to make that balance by creating sites that are visually pleasing, and functionally brilliant. We feel that it is equally important to have a site that is easy to use, easy for your customer or prospect to gain what information or product they need, as well as a site that is able to stick in the brain. We think that we can create sites that not only cater to your needs, but build for your market.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization or "SEO" as it is commonly called, encompasses the world of getting people to SEE your website. A great website means nothing if there is no one to admire, learn, or buy from it.

Keep in mind, this is more than just a couple keywords in the front of your site. A successful SEO Strategy can mean the difference between success or failure, and profit or loss. We look at how you look on the search engines, as well as build or repair sites so that they are more attractive to these engines. We can look at multiple options where visibility is concerned, and bring them to your disposal.

Remember, a great site is worthless if no one knows it is there.

Site Hosting & Management

As important as having a site, and having people be able to find a site, is the ability to be there when they click on your site.

Bravotechpc has a number of hosting solutions available to us, depending on how your site is built. Our hosting solutions include back up and support options ready to fit any budget. Sites built by Bravotechpc can be hosted on our servers, or on yours.

Already have a website and just need help in the day - to -day activities? We can help there, too! We can become your technical contact for your web hosting company and simply make sure that the site is backed up for you, all the way to site optimization and usability. Give us a call.

Website Repair / Enhancement

Website are complicated machines. When they stop working or aren't helping you gain what you need out of them, they stop being productive. Worse, they can reduce your SEO, and make you look bad in your customer's or your prospect's eyes. In today's world, you can't have that.

Site repair involves fixing something that doesn't work. It also can mean add some level of enhancement to a website. We can look at your code, find out what isn't cooperating and develop the repair for it.

We understand how most websites work and can reverse engineer most issues back to their source.

Interactive Site Management

The places a website can help you are the places that you or the customers may not immediately see. This involves moving data from the front of your website to the back - end systems of your company.

Think of it this way: A customer buys 1 widget. What if you could automatically drop that widget inventory by 1, send a notification to pick and ship that widget to the customer, and if your widget drops below a certain amount, let you know that it is time to get more widgets, or even AUTOMATICALLY add widgets to your next order?

Site interactivity allows for data to be dynamically updated in real time, allowing you to stay ahead of potential pitfalls, or realize opportunities sooner. We can build systems that allow this to happen.

How we work

aWe meet with you to find out more about your company and they way you work. We observe present work habits and processes, or in the case of website and mobile development, we trace where and how your busines happens. Generally speaking this can take one day to a few depending on concept and scope of work.
bWe build the solution framework, the parts and systems we need to complete the task. If this is a website, we create a mock - up of ideas to help you visualize your ideas. We create the final timeline and if everything is in order, we are ready to work.
cAll of our work is driven on a "stage" basis. That means as we pass a stage, we check back with you on progress and to make sure what we have planned is coming together the way we imagined. By the end of this, the site or system is ready for final approval. Once this is done, you are running on your new system.

Getting to here is easier you might think!