IT Support

The old saying rings true.

"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" (Ben Franklin)

We can put systems in place that will maintain your computers, manage your systems, and help keep things running, while staying silently in the background. Using remote services and silent solutions, we can make sure your computers and servers are up to date, well maintained, and ready to keep taking care of you well into the future.


Networking encompasses your infrastructure. Just as important as the computers and servers that you use, is how information gets transmitted from one place to another. Bad lines of communications make lost information, slower speeds, and more errors.

We work with you to find the best way to make your wired and wireless networking system safe, secure, and speedy

Disaster Recovery

What happens if the WORST happens?

Do you have a plan in place to recover files and systems if systems crash? Most companies have little or no disaster recovery instructions or plans in place. This is a surefire recipe for catastrophe!

We can help. We can plan and implement a comprehensive disaster recovery solution that not only protects you from the worst, but also help recover lost or corrupted files. This is one of those places that companies, especially the smaller ones, never prepare for. Don't be one of them.


Virtualization is creating servers and systems that don't exist in the "physical" world. With virtualization, you can create multiple servers and computers that all exist in one physical machine. This machine manages the rest of the other computers and allows your to expand the size of the computer with a click of a mouse.

Additionally, you can reduce your electricity and overhead simply because you don't have as many machines to watch over. Less hardware, less hardware costs. Bravotechpc can help you create and migrate your servers over to a virtual system, and help you manage and maintain this to peak efficiency

How we work

aWe meet with you to find out more about your company and they way you work. We observe present work habits and processes, or in the case of website and mobile development, we trace where and how your busines happens. Generally speaking this can take one day to a few depending on concept and scope of work.
bWe build the solution framework, the parts and systems we need to complete the task. If this is a website, we create a mock - up of ideas to help you visualize your ideas. We create the final timeline and if everything is in order, we are ready to work.
cAll of our work is driven on a "stage" basis. That means as we pass a stage, we check back with you on progress and to make sure what we have planned is coming together the way we imagined. By the end of this, the site or system is ready for final approval. Once this is done, you are running on your new system.

Getting to here is easier you might think!